• Protective Ventilation

    Controlled breathing air for contaminated environments.

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  • agriculture

    overpressure filtersystems for tractor-cabins

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  • Compressed Air

    New standard for safety and efficiency.

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  • Dust Extraction

    Efficient technology against polluted air.

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  • Filter Technology

    Combination of vital advantages.

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SEKA can be seen, whe­re­ver the bre­a­thing air is pul­lu­ted by dust, fun­gal spo­res, bac­te­ria, foul odors, noxious fu­mes and/or to­xic ga­ses.

We pro­vi­de healthy air for the ope­ra­tor of an in­dus­tri­al plant and the dri­ver of a con­struc­tion ma­chi­ne. Our pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems (SBA), com­pres­sed air sys­tems (ADLA) and dust extrac­tion sys­tems (EBA) are the re­sult of the ex­pe­ri­ence of a real pioneer in the field of pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on. Learn more about SEKA.


Protective ventilation

The SBA pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tem from SEKA was de­si­gned for con­struc­tion ma­chi­nes and other tech­ni­cal in­stal­la­ti­ons ope­ra­ting in high­ly pol­lu­ted are­as.

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Compressed air

The ADLA com­pres­sed air sys­tem fea­tures nu­merous pa­ten­ted tech­no­lo­gies. It is an in­no­va­ti­ve sys­tem which is uni­que on the Eu­ro­pean mar­ket.

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Dust extraction

The EBA dust extrac­tion sys­tem from SEKA gua­ran­tees a works­pace which is free from foul odors and prevents other bre­a­thing air re­la­ted health ha­zards.

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SEKA in real-life applications

You find our products on industrial vehicles of all types and from all manufacturers. Our database includes more than 600 examples of typical installations of our systems.

Our Vehicle Database

Where we are required

Our systems match a large variety of applications. They are found wherever toxic substances and gases represent a health hazard your employees need to be protected from.

Overview of Applications

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