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special vehicle Unimog U 4023 Posted 24.05.2023

At the Rettmobil trade fair in Fulda, the special vehicle construction specialist BINZ presented
its new Unimog U 4023 with 2 SEKA protective ventilation systems.

This special vehicle for the Red Cross was equipped with 2 SEKA protective ventilation systems of the type SBA-80.

One system supplies the driver’s cabin with filtered air, the second system supplies the first aid box body.
The air is cleaned by an H14 quality particle filter and a tested SEKA activated carbon filter and then blown into the cabin.
In the cabins, which are sealed by SEKA specialists, there is an overpressure so that no pollutants can get into the cabin from the outside
inside the vehicle.

SEKA would like to thank BINZ for the cooperative partnership.

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ISO 9001 – Safely into the future Posted 24.05.2023

Our quality standards are high and our know-how well-founded. After all, our customers have trusted SEKA for 30 years when it comes to the health of their employees.

With the awareness that quality is subject to continuous improvement and that this must also be actively lived, SEKA Umwelttechnik GmbH has
continued the tradition of SEKA Schutzbeluftung GmbH with the introduction of the quality management system DIN ISO 9001
and sent a further sign of security to our customers.

In this way, we continue to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and are able to meet the constantly growing expectations of our customers over the long term.
With this in mind, we would like to thank all employees for their commitment and our customers for the trust they have placed in us.

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