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special vehicle Unimog U 4023 Posted 24.05.2023

At the Rettmobil trade fair in Fulda, the special vehicle construction specialist BINZ presented
its new Unimog U 4023 with 2 SEKA protective ventilation systems.

This special vehicle for the Red Cross was equipped with 2 SEKA protective ventilation systems of the type SBA-80.

One system supplies the driver’s cabin with filtered air, the second system supplies the first aid box body.
The air is cleaned by an H14 quality particle filter and a tested SEKA activated carbon filter and then blown into the cabin.
In the cabins, which are sealed by SEKA specialists, there is an overpressure so that no pollutants can get into the cabin from the outside
inside the vehicle.

SEKA would like to thank BINZ for the cooperative partnership.

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FENDT KAT4-cabin Posted 12.06.2022

SEKA is presenting its new SBF 357 protective ventilation system for the first time at the exhibition „DLG Feldtage“.

This system, specially developed for the FENDT tractor series 300, 500 and 700, meets the requirements of the EN15695 standard, parts 1 & 2.

The cabin class increases to the highest category 4 thanks to the protective ventilation system that can be retrofitted.

The system can already be ordered from your Fendt dealer.

You will find us on the “DLG Field Days” site at stand J51.

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BG RCI Magazin 06/20 Posted 18.05.2020

Extract from the magazine of the health and safety association for raw materials and chemical industry (BG RCI)
in Germany.

Issue 5/6 2020

More information about our compressed air system you will find here.

(Sorry, only in german language available.)

You can find it in our installation database here.

The complete edition can be found here:

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Everything in view Posted 27.02.2017

Beside protective ventilation now also rear view cameras by SEKA.

According to the standard EN474 with reference to ISO5006 is it prescribed to have a full view for construction machines.

Because of this standard, SEKA have now a return system R7-S new in the delivery program.

The infrared camera was designed extra for off-road vehicles and construction machines.

It equates to the guide line 2003/97/EG.

The camera is in an diecasting aluminium-box and is protected against dirt and water. In addition is next to the Shutter a heating, an attractive 7”-colourdisyplay and salt water resistance cable for adverse weather.
Our skilled service staff carry the installation on site.


Then we get excited about your call
Tel.: oo49 6341 93 41 – 0

You can find a petition for promotion at the German BG Bau.
The following link guide you to the application:

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SEKA special cabin sealant Posted 29.08.2016

A big milestone in sealing driver cabins and a bigger step for our company! – Until now you can find the SEKA cabin sealant in our product line.

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