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Assembly also in Holland Posted 26.06.2023

At one of the largest agricultural and construction machinery dealers in the Netherlands, SEKA has acquired a Type EBA 80 system mounted on a Claas Torion 1285.

The customer greatly appreciates the reliability, robustness and clean design on the new wheel loader.

The SEKA team is looking forward to further cooperation.

Safe with a system Posted 24.11.2022

Occupational safety prevention means
not only taking responsibility for
protecting your employees
from accidents and occupational diseases,
but also constantly using means and methods
to identify dangers, take preventive measures
for occupational safety and implement them together.

Our successful occupational safety management
has been repeatedly confirmed by the
health and safety association BGHM with
the certificate “Seal of quality in the system”.

Because the safety of our employees is our top priority.


Proven safety through the SEKA – ADLA compressed air system Posted 16.08.2018

As part of the fleet expansion, two new wheel loaders CAT 938M were again equipped with SEKA compressed air systems for an existing customer. Through the use of breathing air systems, the construction machine operators are safely protected from the high toxic pollutant loads, as well as their field of vision is not limited by respirators.

Already in the planning of the structural design, a uniform weight distribution, the ease of maintenance and the driving characteristics of the construction machine were considered. Therefore, the load receptacles of the breathing pressure bottles were made pivotable to keep all maintenance flaps and openings freely accessible.

We would like to thank you for the trust you have placed in our technology over many years.

security at crashtest Posted 15.10.2017

A SEKA compressed air system (ADLA) for probably the most modern Crashtest center in the world.

In order to be able to safely carry around 900 chase tests and 1,700 sled tests, it is essential to protect the employees of the rescue team in the event of an accident.

The task was to protect the driver of the rescue vehicle against poisonous gases and vapors in the event of a fire and to provide fresh air. A conventional respiratory protection mask with compressed air supply has the disadvantage that the all-round view and the field of view of the driver are additionally impaired during a fire by the breathing air supply.

Here, we rely on the proven technology of SEKA Schutzbelüftung GmbH.

The Manitou forklift was equipped with an ADLA independent compressed air system and the cab was upgraded to a pressurized cabin. The breathing air required in the event of a fire is stored in compressed air cylinders. The ADLA is switched on if necessary and supplies the driver with fresh air without restricting the circular view or the mobility.

We wish the operator and the rescue team a safe and accident-free time.


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