Adaptive Air Control

Higher availability due to precisely defined air supply.

The avail­a­bi­li­ty of a ma­chi­ne equip­ped with a com­pres­sed air sys­tem used to be li­mi­ted to a few hours.

Af­ter that, the com­pres­sed air tanks nee­ded re­fil­ling which of­ten re­qui­red co­ver­ing long dis­tan­ces and star­ting a time-con­su­ming fil­ling pro­cess. With Ad­ap­ti­ve Air Con­trol SEKA has de­ve­l­o­ped a tech­no­lo­gy which more than dou­bles sys­tem the avail­a­bi­li­ty and the­r­e­by con­sider­ab­ly in­crea­ses the ef­fi­ci­en­cy of a con­struc­tion ma­chi­ne.

Compact design:
Bigger is not always better

An ob­vious so­lu­ti­on to ex­tend the avail­a­bi­li­ty of a con­struc­tion ma­chi­ne would be to sim­ply equip it with more com­pres­sed air tanks. But this would not only re­qui­re con­sider­ab­ly more space. It would also in­crea­se the weight of the ve­hi­cle. With its pa­ten­ted Air Con­trol Sys­tem SEKA has de­ve­l­o­ped a far more in­tel­li­gent so­lu­ti­on and is able to pre­sent the com­pres­sed air sys­tem of a new ge­ne­ra­ti­on.

Air supply exactly as required

Whi­le the ba­sic prin­ciple be­hind the Ad­ap­ti­ve Air Con­trol sys­tem is lo­gi­cal and sim­ple, it re­pres­ents a ra­ther com­plex so­lu­ti­on. The sys­tem pro­vi­des pre­cise­ly the amount of air that is suf­fi­ci­ent to main­tain the re­qui­red pres­su­re in­si­de the ca­bin and pro­vi­de cle­an bre­a­thing air in the ex­pec­ted qua­li­ty. This is achie­ved by me­ans of mul­ti­ple red­un­dant sen­sors. They ser­ve to ana­ly­ze the ac­tu­al qua­li­ty of the air and feed the elec­tro­nic con­trol sys­tem with all re­qui­red in­for­ma­ti­on.

This con­trol sys­tem not only stops the air sup­p­ly as soon as the door of the ca­bin is opened. It also main­ta­ins the re­qui­red mi­ni­mum air pres­su­re in­si­de the ca­bin de­s­pi­te any leaks in its ou­ter skin. All this ta­kes place elec­tro­ni­cal­ly, in­tel­li­gent­ly and ful­ly au­to­ma­tic wi­thout any ma­nu­al in­ter­fe­rence by the ope­ra­tor of the ma­chi­ne.

More than twice the availability

Mea­su­re­ments in our tes­ting lab as well as com­pre­hen­si­ve field tests have shown that Ad­ap­ti­ve Air Con­trol is able to more than dou­ble the avail­a­bi­li­ty of a con­struc­tion ma­chi­ne. In spe­ci­fic terms: A sup­p­ly of com­pres­sed air which used to be suf­fi­ci­ent to ope­ra­te a con­struc­tion ma­chi­ne for 3 to 4 ours is now able to sup­p­ly the ma­chi­ne for 7.5 to 8.5 hours wi­thout any com­pro­mi­ses con­cerning the qua­li­ty of the air in­si­de the ca­bin.

Saving costs at all levels

The SEKA Ad­ap­ti­ve Air Con­trol sys­tem not only re­du­ces the time nee­ded to fill the com­pres­sed air tanks, but also the costs for ope­ra­ting the com­pres­sor. An ad­di­tio­nal cost be­ne­fit are fe­wer com­pres­sor fil­ter car­tridges re­qui­red to main­tain the de­si­red air qua­li­ty. The re­du­ced time nee­ded to ope­ra­te the com­pres­sor also re­sults in lo­wer costs for electric en­er­gy, main­ten­an­ce and re­pair.

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