Exchanging Filters

Perfectly designed solution.

Pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems from SEKA stand out for their in­tel­li­gent de­sign to al­low ex­ch­an­ging fil­ters with a mi­ni­mum of ef­forts.

Due to nu­merous prac­tical so­lu­ti­ons, this pro­ce­du­re does not re­qui­re spe­cial phy­si­cal strength. It is also gua­ran­te­ed that the dust, which was re­mo­ved from the am­bi­ent air with con­siderable ef­forts, can­not en­ter into the ca­bin.

Exchanging filters:
Perfect solution with numerous advantages

Nor­mal­ly, ex­ch­an­ging a dust fil­ter is a ra­ther dir­ty pro­ce­du­re. Pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems from SEKA of­fer a bet­ter al­ter­na­ti­ve and stand out for their ex­cep­tio­nal­ly fast and easy way to ex­ch­an­ge fil­ters.

The fil­ter can be ac­ces­sed sim­ply by opening the co­ver of the fil­ter hou­sing using a hand wheel. Af­ter that, the fil­ter is re­a­dy to be pul­led out ea­si­ly.

When re-sea­ling the fil­ter hou­sing a spe­cial gear and a stop func­tion en­su­res pro­per sea­ling and eli­mi­na­tes any ope­ra­tor er­rors.

Exchanging filters:
A clean and easy procedure

The fil­ters of the SEKA pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tem SBA80 do not need to be lif­ted out towards the top, which would re­qui­re high phy­si­cal strength. Ins­tead, they ea­si­ly can be pul­led out towards the front.

Du­ring this pro­ce­du­re a gui­de rail car­ri­es the weight of the fil­ter and prevents any jamming which might cau­se some amount of dust fal­ling into the hou­sing.

The fil­ters come with a pro­tec­tive gril­le on the in­si­de and the outs­ide. In this way, the ope­ra­tor is not able to touch the high­ly sen­si­ti­ve fil­ter me­dia and the fil­ter is pro­tec­ted from any un­in­ten­tio­nal da­ma­ge.

Operating errors impossible

The ver­ti­cal­ly po­si­tio­ned co­ver of the fil­ter hou­sing prevents that cust can ac­cu­mu­la­te and fall into the hou­sing. Ex­ch­an­ging a fil­ter ta­kes place from only one side and re­qui­res opening and clo­sing only one opening. This ma­kes it easy to ve­ri­fy whe­ther the co­ver is cor­rect­ly clo­sed to seal the fil­ter hou­sing af­ter in­ser­ting a re­pla­ce­ment fil­ter.

Ano­ther as­pect is the ex­ter­nal po­si­ti­on of the fan ty­pi­cal of all SEKA pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems. Due to this de­sign prin­ciple even if a co­ver is not sea­led cor­rect­ly, the un­fil­te­red air will only es­cape towards the outs­ide and will not be able to en­ter the ca­bin.

Dust trap:
Clean filter exchange

Sin­ce ex­ch­an­ging the fil­ters of the pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tem ta­kes place in­si­de the ca­bin, it must be preven­ted by all me­ans that any dust can fall into the ca­bin.

To prevent such un­wan­ted pol­lu­ti­on, a spe­cial car­tridge is used to hold any spil­led dust in­si­de wi­thout al­lo­wing it to es­cape to the outs­ide.

Ad­di­tio­nal­ly, an es­pe­cial­ly lar­ge in­ner edge ser­ves as a dust trap. In other words: all pre­cau­tious mea­su­res were ta­ken to prevent dust from en­te­ring the ca­bin.

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