• Protective Ventilation

    Controlled breathing air for contaminated environments.

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  • Compressed Air

    New standard for safety and efficiency.

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  • Dust Extraction

    Efficient technology against polluted air.

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  • Air Conditioning

    Better climate for increased performance.

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  • Filter Technology

    Combination of vital advantages.

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SEKA pro­ducts fall into three ca­te­go­ries: Pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems (SBA), com­pres­sed air sys­tems (SBA) and dust extrac­tion sys­tems (EBA).

In ad­di­ti­on, we of­fer an air con­di­tio­n­ing sys­tem (KLA) for con­struc­tion ma­chi­nes, as well as ef­fi­ci­ent fil­ter tech­no­lo­gies tailo­red ex­act­ly to the exis­tent type of con­ta­mi­na­ti­on. This turns SEKA into a sin­gle sour­ce for all re­qui­re­ments for an ef­fi­ci­ent re­spi­ra­to­ry pro­tec­tion in­si­de the dri­ver ca­bin or ope­ra­tor ca­bin. Learn more about SEKA.

Protective ventilation:
Clean air in highly contaminated areas

The SEKA protective ventilation system SBA was designed for construction machines and other technical installations operating in highly contaminated areas. These systems guarantee the health of operators by providing the cabin with high-quality breathing air. They are backed by innovative technologies which are unique on the market.

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Dust extraction:
Efficient technology against polluted air

Dust is a health hazard and nobody wants to be exposed to excessive dust for prolonged periods of time. Whether it is about demolition, renovation of old buildings or work in a quarry or steel mill – the EBA dust extraction system from SEKA takes care of a workplace free from health hazards.

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Compressed air:
New standard for safety and efficiency

The ADLA compressed air system offers a complete range of patented technologies giving it a unique position on the European market. It is based on a compact and modular concept and offers intelligent solutions for tangible benefits, such as increased service life, reduced costs and safety according to international standards.

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