Protective Ventilation

Controlled breathing air for contaminated environments.

SEKA pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems are avail­able for con­struc­tion ma­chi­nes and other tech­ni­cal in­stal­la­ti­ons ope­ra­ting in high­ly con­ta­mi­na­ted are­as.

They gua­ran­tee the health of ope­ra­tors by sup­p­ly­ing the ca­bin with high-qua­li­ty air that is not harm­ful to health. In cour­se of time, the­se sys­tems were up­dated con­ti­nuous­ly to add nu­merous va­ria­ti­ons and fil­ter com­bi­na­ti­ons.

One for all situations

Modular design and a flexible filter concept guarantee that this system conforms to all requirements for the effective prevention of health hazards.

In its basic form, the SEKA protective ventilation system can be used as dust extraction system. If requirements increase it can be upgraded to a fully-fledged protective ventilation system according to DGUV 201-004 regulations (formerly BGI581). An (almost) endless combination of filters also allows adapting the system to any polluted environment without any mechanical changes.

In this way you are equipped for any situation – now and in future.

Typical Applications



SEKA ranks among the pioneers in the field of pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on. We were not only en­ga­ged in the de­ve­lop­ment of all re­spec­tive stan­dards. Our pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems for com­mer­ci­al ve­hi­cles are also known for nu­merous in­no­va­ti­ve tech­no­lo­gies and a tech­ni­cal de­sign tailo­red to real-live re­qui­re­ments. This is uni­que on the mar­ket and re­sults in high-per­for­mance pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems de­si­gned for the hig­hest re­qui­re­ments. For this achie­ve­ment, SEKA was awar­ded the Rhein­land-Pfalz In­no­va­ti­on Award 1998.

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Filter concept:
Basis for clean air

A protective ventilation system takes care of a safe workplace without any health hazards. To reach this demanding goal, SEKA uses a 4-step filtering system. The principle of a pressurized cabin is unique to SEKA and automatically guarantees reliable operation. An additional air circulation system removes all particles in the air that might get into the cabin while the operator is entering or leaving it.

Toxic filter

Our filter technology

Added safety due to a pressurized cabin

SEKA pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems fea­ture a fan lo­ca­ted di­rect­ly at the air in­let. Im­me­dia­te­ly in front of the fil­ter the­re is only an in­let gril­le and a main­ten­an­ce-free me­cha­nic cy­clo­ne dust collec­tor. Due to this con­struc­tion the com­ple­te sys­tem works un­der in­crea­sed pres­su­re. The over­pres­su­re is ge­ne­ra­ted be­fo­re the fil­ter and in­clu­des the com­ple­te fil­ter hou­sing all the way to the ca­bin. In this way it is im­pos­si­ble for pol­lu­ted outs­ide air to en­ter into the sys­tem. This ope­ra­ting prin­ciple is man­da­to­ry for ABC pro­tec­tive sys­tems ac­cor­ding to the mi­li­ta­ry stan­dard. SEKA em­ploys this ad­van­ced tech­no­lo­gy also for in­dus­tri­al ap­p­li­ca­ti­ons.

Stainless steel case: Hygienic and easy to clean

Ad­van­ced de­sign for best pos­si­ble hy­gie­nic con­di­ti­ons in com­bi­na­ti­on with easy clea­ning and Main­ten­an­ce.

Hygiene & Cleaning

Air recirculation:
Clean air inside out

This pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tem gua­ran­tees that only clea­ned air can en­ter into the in­si­de of the pres­su­ri­zed ca­bin. With an in­te­gra­ted air cir­cu­la­ti­on sys­tem, SEKA even goes one step fur­ther. This sys­tem even fil­ters par­ti­cles out of the air that might have en­t­e­red into the ca­bin whi­le the ope­ra­tor was en­te­ring or lea­ving it. It also prevents the de­ve­lop­ment of germs, spo­res and fun­gi.

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plant protection

overpressure cabins for tractors

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Pressurized cabin:
Safe pressure level controlled automatically

A pres­su­ri­zed ca­bin gua­ran­tees that even in the case of faul­ty se­als, no con­ta­mi­na­ted outs­ide air can en­ter into the ca­bin. The SEKA pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tem is able to of­fer a su­pe­ri­or so­lu­ti­on in this as­pect as well. Pres­su­ri­zing the ca­bin will re­lia­bly keep con­ta­mi­na­ted air out. With the help of an elec­tro­nic con­trol sys­tem, the fan al­ways ope­ra­tes at a speed to pro­vi­de the cor­rect pres­su­re in­si­de the ca­bin.

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