Protective ventilation made for real-life requirements.

SEKA pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems for con­struc­tion ve­hi­cles are known for their dura­bi­li­ty and un­com­pro­mi­sing qua­li­ty.

They com­bi­ne high­ly ef­fi­ci­ent func­tion with easy ope­ra­ti­on. They also of­fer a high­ly ro­bust de­sign made to cope with the rough life at the buil­ding site.

Advanced know-how for your advantage

When it co­mes to pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems, SEKA ranks among the lea­ding spe­cia­lists. We are in the busi­ness sin­ce 1987 and were the very first ven­dor of­fe­ring pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems ac­cor­ding to re­gu­la­ti­on­Z­H1 / 184 of the Ger­man Ci­vil En­gi­nee­ring As­so­cia­ti­on (Tief­bau Be­rufs­ge­nos­sen­schaft, TBG). With our re­gu­lar par­ti­ci­pa­ti­on in the Tech­ni­cal Com­mit­tee Mee­tings of the TBG we are di­rect­ly in­vol­ved in the de­fi­ni­ti­on of the­se re­gu­la­ti­ons.

Award-winning technology

Our achie­ve­ments are im­pres­si­ve. We were able to equip the big­gest Ca­ter­pil­lar fleet in Eu­ro­pe with more than 100 ve­hi­cles. The big­gest land­fill of Eu­ro­pe also re­li­es on SEKA pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on tech­no­lo­gy, just as the big­gest spe­cia­list for as­be­stos dis­po­sal in Ger­ma­ny. SEKA pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems are found in the big­gest con­struc­tion ma­chi­nes as well as in mini ex­ca­va­tors.

SBA80 Beschreibung

Longevity by design

SEKA pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems are de­si­gned for un­com­pro­mi­sing con­ti­nuous ope­ra­ti­on. A ty­pi­cal ex­amp­le are blo­wers with brush­less dri­ves. They neit­her know any wear nor do they need any main­ten­an­ce. We ex­clu­si­ve­ly use en­cap­su­la­ted pro­xi­mi­ty swit­ches. This eli­mi­na­tes any de­te­rio­ra­ting con­tacts, bent le­vers and failu­res due to the ac­cu­mu­la­ti­on of dirt and moi­s­tu­re.

Ano­ther ex­amp­le in­di­ca­ting the long-time qua­li­ty of SEKA pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems are ca­ses made from 2.4 mm thick stain­less steel. All other com­po­n­ents are also made of cor­ro­si­on-free ma­te­ri­als. This prevents de­te­rio­ra­ti­on and gua­ran­tees las­ting­ly re­lia­ble func­tion.

Operating costs:
Economic efficiency as basic principle

Oc­cupa­tio­nal safe­ty and health are a re­qui­re­ment. Low ope­ra­ting costs are a must. SEKA pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems use in­tel­li­gent so­lu­ti­ons to bring both goals in line.

For ex­amp­le, the in­si­de pres­su­re of the ca­bin is au­to­ma­ti­cal­ly re­gu­la­ted to 130 Pa. This re­du­ces the amount of air that nee­ds to be pres­sed through the fil­ter and the­r­e­by in­crea­ses the ser­vice life of the fil­ter its­elf. It also al­lows the use of es­pe­cial­ly com­pact and cost-ef­fec­tive ac­tiva­ted car­bon fil­ters.

A main­ten­an­ce-free cy­clo­ne fil­ter with high­ly ef­fec­tive dust se­pa­ra­ti­on eli­mi­na­tes the need of an ad­di­tio­nal co­ar­se dust fil­ter. Ad­di­tio­nal cost be­ne­fits are rea­li­zed due to low-wear high-pres­su­re blo­wers and re­ge­ne­ra­ti­ve mem­bra­ne fil­ters.

sophisticated electronics

Additional recirculating air filter

Using high-qua­li­ty fil­ters and a cir­cu­la­ting air fil­tra­ti­on sys­tem lo­ca­ted di­rect­ly in­si­de the ca­bin SEKA rea­li­zes pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on with su­pe­ri­or ef­fi­ci­en­cy. This gua­ran­tees a high air ex­ch­an­ge rate and is the ba­sis for su­pe­ri­or pro­tec­tion of the ope­ra­tor’s health.

Easy exchange of filters

Ty­pi­cal of pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tems from SEKA is a so­phis­ti­ca­ted de­sign ba­sed on real-life re­qui­re­ments. For ex­amp­le, mo­del SBA80 will not be in­stal­led on the roof, but right next to or be­hind the ope­ra­tor’s ca­bin. This sup­ports easy main­ten­an­ce and fil­ter re­pla­ce­ment wi­thout the need of a lad­der or even a lift.

Filter packages tailored to the application

SEKA of­fers a mo­du­lar con­cept with up to 100 dif­fe­rent fil­ter com­bi­na­ti­ons.

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Concept of intuitive operation

All func­tions of the pro­tec­tive ven­ti­la­ti­on sys­tem are con­trol­led via a com­pact and user-fri­end­ly con­trol unit. It fea­tures an LCD dis­play with 4 li­nes of in­for­ma­ti­on to pro­vi­de easy-to-un­der­stand in­struc­tions and er­ror mes­sa­ges in plain text. This con­cept is self-ex­pla­na­to­ry and the­re­fo­re does not re­qui­re any spe­cial in­struc­tions. It sup­ports ope­ra­ting the sys­tem wi­thout er­rors, which sa­ves time and is ide­al es­pe­cial­ly with ma­chi­nes ope­ra­ted by se­veral em­ployees.

Ready to run

SEKA is a technology partner providing comprehensive expertise in all fields of protective ventilation. Our know-how ranges from design via production all the way to delivery for turnkey operation. Whether you need protective ventilation, air conditioning or a pressurized cabin, SEKA offers everything from a single source backed by many years of experience.

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