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overpressure filtersystems for tractor-cabins

Plant protection products and liquid fertilizers have an important function in modern agriculture. When applied on the field, however, concentrations may arise that may affect the well-being of the tractor operator.

Therefore, a standard-compliant protective equipment is now mandatory. A tractor with overpressure cabin and protective ventilation system protects the driver from health hazards. We at SEKA can equip any tractor to comply with legal requirements.

SEKA filtersystems

pressurized tractor-cabins for plant protection

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Standard-compliant protection ventilation for every tractor

The modular system transforms virtually any existing cab into a Category 4 pressurized cabin. It complies with the current EN15695 standard, which is required by law when plant protection products marked SB199 are to be applied.

Generally, SEKA protective ventilation systems can be retrofitted to any tractor. Since the vehicle may only be driven with the cab closed, it is advisable to use an air conditioner, although if this is not required. The professional conversion of the cabin is carried out by trained specialists. They also ensure the installation of the blower and the required filters. In addition, they perform a pressure test according to EN15695. The result is a standard-compliant ventilation system that meets all legal requirements.

According to an appraisal by the TÜV-Süd, SEKA pressure ventilation systems do not affect road approval.


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protective ventilation according to standard

the standard EN15695 in overview

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A cabin with tested tightness

The European standard EN15695 relates to agricultural and forestry tractors used in plant protection. It defines cspecific measures to protect the operator from hazardous substances. Part 1 of the standard describes the condition of the driver’s cabin. Required is a Category 3 or Category 4 cab. It must provide effective protection against dust and aerosols.

Part 1 of EN15695 defines cabin categories that define different safety levels.

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Filter against gases, vapors and aerosols

KAT 3 or KAT 4 cabins without tested filters do not meet the definition of standard EN15695 and therefore can not be used alone within the definition of the BVL guideline.

A protective ventilation system is only as good as the filters used.

Part 2 of the European standard EN15695 therefore describes the filter properties that must be observed when applying plant protection products. The filters used by SEKA were tested according to all criteria of the standard.

The aerosol filters correspond to the category P3 (FFP3, TH3P, TM3P). The filters against gases and vapors comply with the standard EN15695. They thus meet the legal requirements and are able to reliably keep occurring chemicals from the interior of the cabin.


Protective function constantly in view

The prescribed protective ventilation system supplies the cabin with clean breathing air free of harmful substances. For this purpose, an overpressure is generated in the cabin which prevents the ingress of unfiltered outside air. To check the cabin pressure, EN15695 requires a pressure gauge. SEKA, however, goes one step further. The display not only shows the current cabin pressure. It also informs about technical malfunctions and indicates when the dust filter needs to be changed.

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